ZenCash is now available on the Guarda Wallet!


ZenCash is now available for trade, storage, and exchange with the Guarda wallet!  Guarda makes it easy to store, exchange and trade ZEN anywhere.

About Guarda

Guarda has a web wallet, desktop wallet, an exchange, as well as mobile app support.  ZenCash is currently supported on Guarda web and desktop wallets. Android and iOS support are coming soon!

As a light-wallet, Guarda doesn’t store personal data, private keys, backup files or funds. Using the web wallet, users can manage their funds anywhere at any time. The web wallet allows users to send, receive, store, and exchange their top cryptocurrencies, including ZEN, all in one place.

Guarda Web Wallet features:

– Consistent and simple design – the hallmark of Guarda apps
– Anonymity – no registration required to create a wallet
– Full user control of private keys and assets
– No data left on your browser/device (private keys are held encrypted locally, not by a third party)
– Private key import/export
– Backup and restore the wallet at any time
– Secure encryption algorithm (AES)
– Full transaction history
– Built-in unlimited exchange to convert GRS to almost any other coin will be added soon
– Prompt support service

Guarda’s desktop wallets supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Guarda supports hardware wallets too! You can now link your Ledger Nano S with one of Guarda’s specialized support applications to really keep your ZEN safe!  

About ZenCash

ZenCash is a privacy-oriented platform that leverages zero knowledge cryptography, cutting-edge research and provably fair incentives to maintain an inclusive, sustainable and censorship-resistant ecosystem. Our aim is to be the world’s most decentralized organization while providing our users with a secure platform for money, messaging and media.

Put simply, we’re building the ‘Apple App Store’ of the cryptocurrency industry.

The project started with its core product, ZenCash, which is a cryptocurrency with selective privacy or transparency. Users choose between fully private address types or those that are pseudonymous like Bitcoin. In addition to transaction privacy, the system then introduced SSL / TLS to the protocol for client-to-node and node-to-node encryption to further protect user data and connections.

Satoshi consensus introduced digital scarcity by preventing double spending and aligning miner incentives to participate honestly in block creation. However, the system did not provide such incentives to other stakeholders, such as full node operators. Our innovation was to reward full node operators directly from block rewards, but then to require these node operators to hold valid certificates, minimum computational capacity, and minimum uptime requirements.

On July 19th of this year, we moved to a multi-tiered node network by introducing Super Nodes of which there are now 2000+ alongside our existing infrastructure which is made up of 14000+ Secure Nodes. We are now the largest the node network in the space.


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