Ubisoft interested in digital collectibles on blockchain


On the grant event of Design Innovate Communicate Entertain Summit gaming convention, Ubisoft seems like interested in digital collectibles on the blockchain. Digital collections are not new on the blockchain ecosystem; There are some Non-interaction assets, such as CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties which got a big attention these days.

Those digital collections finally succeeded in making Ethereum Network clogged with a large number of transactions. That was only the beginning,  many similar projects also have emerged.

Lidwine Sauer, the director of  the director of insights and trends at Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab said that

“in the last months, the world became fascinated by cryptocurrencies which are digital currencies governed by algorithms and not by governments or central banks.”

As already we know, Ubisoft is a big player in the gaming Industry. They have released a lot of gaming product which has good ratings become popular in the market. When they see the potential values of the blockchain, they seem not want to waste their time to not follow the blockchain technology.

Recently, Ubisoft focused on F. Digital Innovation Laboratory in Paris. The main task of that division is to starting technical issues, game design to increasing value of digital sources, like digital collectibles. They have planned to enter the blockchain market around this year (2018)

But Lidwine Saur still declined to comment, what is the exact plan of the blockchain market. A high possibility is they will tokenize their digital collectibles. But that’s only our guest.

On that event, Saur also added more comment about possibility using blockchain technology, he said

“It’s one of the use cases of the blockchain, and we want to go further than that. We feel there’s something even more interesting to find [through the blockchain], and we’re in the process of trying to find that interesting thing.”

It’s definitely will please many parties when the gaming industry meets the blockchain technology.

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