Tracking your crypto portfolio with Blox App


How to tracking cryptocurrency portfolio on a website? We often get that question every day, and we think we got the answer now. We already heard about mainstream crypto portfolio apps like Blockfolio and Delta Bitcoin. Those two apps are the main apps for a crypto user right now. But what about Blox App? As reported by CoinDash, today Blox App officially launched. This new app will be the thought competitor for both Blockfolio and Delta.

What is Blox App?

Blox is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app which powered by Coindash. This crypto portfolio tracker, allows you to integrate your wallet and exchanges into one account. The main difference between Blox with other apps is you can track it on Blox site.

Blockfolio and Delta apps only provide mobile apps. With Blox App, you can track your portfolio on website. Another great feature is Blox App have a synchronization function between devices. So if you have more than one device, you still get a real update price.

Blox App Features

blox app crypto portfolio tracker web

As we have explained before, Blox is the newcomer in portfolio tracker business. But we can say, Blox App has a lot of features which can make this app beat the current mainstream apps.

Available across all devices – this is a good feature for Blox App. When other apps only offer in mobile, with Blox App you can see your portfolio on a website.

Sync function and single login across devices – this features can overcome the problem for a user who has a lot of devices. They don’t need to manually sync. With Blox App, you can automatically sync your portfolio across your device.

Multiple portfolio – if you have a lot of crypto assets, you can make a multiple portfolio to track. It’s very easy to use and user friendly.

Is it Free?

Blox App still new, and as long as we read on their website, we can’t find any payment information to get this app. They still offering this app for free. But we can guarantee it’s will free forever. So, how about we started to try it? try it for free now here and no more question about “How to tracking cryptocurrency portfolio on a website?”

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