The ZenName Game – Horizen Naming Convention Competition


We’re embarking on a journey to unify Horizen under one cohesive naming convention. Horizen’s development capabilities have grown massively over the last two years and we’ve developed many components including products, nodes, software updates, and sidechains. We haven’t yet identified a great naming strategy for all these components, but that’s about to change!

We are excited to announce that the overarching theme of our project is “Celestial Objects”.

We are looking to you, the community, to help us decide on themes for Horizen’s individual components, which include SDK Software Releases, Sidechain Software Releases, Products/Wallets, Node Clients

All themes should relate to “Celestial Objects.”


This community member submitted a theme, used the appropriate hashtag, and included a link!

Moons or Craters of Earth’s Moon are both great submissions!


  • These are both themes that are scalable, there are many moons and many craters on Earth’s Moon. 
  • They are both related to the Celestial Objects theme. 


Betelgeuse, Alnilam, or Rigel are not great submissions. They are not themes and they are not scalable. Although, they have the potential to be great if submitted as “The Stars of the Orion Constellation”. So, be sure to really think about your submissions. There are plenty of great options. 🙂

Four lucky winners will receive $30 in ZEN, a Horizen t-shirt of their choice, and eternal glory in the community! 😉


The Horizen Naming Convention Contest

Entry is simple. Just share your ideas with us between now and September 29th via the platforms below. Users are limited to two entries. 

How to Enter:

  • Send us a Tweet @HorizenGlobal and use #ZenName
  • Reply to our giveaway image on Instagram
  • Message us on Facebook 
  • Leave us a comment on the blog
  • Post in Discord 
    • You must tag @Horusfeathers | Marketing#0323 for your entry to be counted
  • Post in Telegram 
    • You must post in the Official Horizen Telegram Channel and tag @Horusfeathers for your entry to be counted

If we receive duplicate suggestions, the first person to submit the name will receive it as their entry. So, send in your suggestions soon!

The Horizen team will choose the Top 10 entries on September 25th before opening up the vote to the community. 


What is a Naming Convention and How Do You Create a Good One?

Here are some helpful guidelines for creating your naming convention. 

A good naming convention is:

  • Scalable – The naming convention chosen will be attributed to all future Horizen releases in the categories above. 
  • It must be a theme. Not one specific thing. 
  • Unique We can’t be copycats! So, choose something new that isn’t in use today.
  • Easy to remember – The best naming conventions are easy to remember, so avoid conventions like “newly discovered exoplanets” because names like HR 5183 b, WASP-169 b, WASP-171 b, WASP-175 b are hard to remember and difficult to type. 

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