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Horizen recently invited our partner Exchange onto our Telegram channel for an AMA to teach our community more about our partnership and the Exchange platform! Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. Vano from the Horizen BD team and Naomi from Exchange‘s Marketing team took turns answering the communities questions. 


What trading pairs are available for ZEN on Exchange?

V: We have 3 pairs on Exchange: ZEN:BTC, ZEN:ETH and ZEN:USDT. Pretty good options I guess!

N: Yes indeed, giving traders a few options to pick from.

Will we see any futures products for ZEN on Exchange?

N: We’re always evaluating what kind of products the market is interested in, so I’d not negate the possibility of seeing more products for ZEN on our exchange in the future. So watch this space.

Will Exchange support fiat deposits/withdrawals in the future?

N: It’s a work in progress when it comes to fiat. We’re working with partners to enable traders to buy crypto directly with credit card and bank transfer. Accepting and enabling withdrawals in fiat is yet another beast that requires a significant amount of legal and regulatory guidelines and approvals, so we’re still working towards it. 

Does your team have a target release for credit card and bank transfers?

N: No, not yet, since there are a lot of moving parts as well, but we’ll keep you posted!

The Exchange community will definitely choose a project that is safe and has a future. Could you please explain the safety and future of the Horizen project, so that we can choose your project?

V: Safety and security of users and assets are very important to us. Firstly, our blockchain is very decentralized and we have 40K+ node operators in our ecosystem, which is one of the largest in the entire industry. At the same time, we provide non-custodial options for our users, in terms of ZEN or running nodes. And then we obviously partner with the very best of our industry to enable the best options for our users – Exchange is a great example of this.

We are also building Zendoo, our scalability platform, which focuses on scalable data privacy and enables businesses and developers to custom build their own public or private blockchains using our unique sidechain technology, Zendoo. The product is almost complete, currently, our developers are implementing audit fixes and we are expecting to deploy it on mainnet in Q4 this year. This opens up the Horizen ecosystem for external developers and we are very excited about that.

The first product that will launch on Zendoo is also on its way – it is zkAudit, a product we are working on with Celsius Network. It is the first and only fully decentralized and privacy-enabled audit (proof of reserve) blockchain that doesn’t require any third-party validators.

There are more partnerships on the way which will utilize Zendoo and our sidechain scaling solutions and you can read more about them at our newsroom

With Zendoo coming soon, will Exchange consider building their exchange on the Horizen ecosystem?

N: Well, for now, we’ve got all our systems on our own tech stack and I think it’d be quite disruptive to move it all (including our very sophisticated custody solutions) on to Zendoo, but who knows. Maybe we could have a go with it on small scale and see how it goes. Those are obviously not decisions that are up to me, but if it makes sense for the exchange and especially for the traders, why not 😉

If we wanted to join either the Horizen or Exchange, how would we apply? Are there positions you are currently hiring for?

N: Currently, we’re looking for a marketing assistant to join my team. You can find the JD here and either apply through cryptojobs list or send me a CV and a quick email one why you think you’re a great fit to🙌

V: We have some options at Horizen. Firstly, we have open positions at Horizen. Our marketing team is hiring and we are also searching for an open-source developer evangelist.

Then, we have an amazing Ambassador program led by our own Erica. This allows everyone to grow our ecosystem in their own way. I really recommend everyone have a look at it. 

At the same time, Horizen Labs is also looking for software and frontend engineers in our Milan and NY offices. 

So lots of open options!

Naomi, you seem to be a bookworm! Any good reads for crypto people?

N: Ah yes, actually I decided this year to read one book each week. We all know, that for crypto people a must-read is The blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and that was one of the first books I read on that topic. 🤓

Apart from books that directly talk about crypto, I highly recommend “The Starfish and the Spider”  which talks about the power of leaderless organizations and decentralization – a concept crucial to crypto. 

Anyone in crypto should also have a little idea of how our monetary system works, so I’d also add “The End of Alchemy: Money, Banking, and the Future of the Global Economy” to the list.🏦

From technological and commercial perspectives, how can traditional companies be integrated into the blockchain?

V: This is a great question! There are numerous use cases already where traditional companies are leveraging blockchain and crypto systems for their use cases. E.g. proof of documents, or Visa/MC using stablecoins for backend money transfers. In our case, we think that zkAudit product can be safely extended to traditional companies as well. There are assets they want to audit the ownership of and we can adapt zkAudit to that.

The big thing is, I guess, to zoom out a little and identify problems with traditional businesses where using blockchain and cryptocurrencies make a lot of sense.

With the appearance of many blockchain projects, especially payment projects which have the newest technology, scalability, efficiency, even no fees on transactions. Does ZEN feel pressure from this on the race of global payment solutions?

V: I would say that ZEN never competed for being a #1 payment solution as a native cryptocurrency of Horizen blockchain. With opening up our ecosystem for development and enabling everyone to deploy their dApps and solutions as our sidechains, we think we (or anyone else) can design such solutions in our ecosystem. Our major advantage is that our system is permissionless and cheap compared to the competition.

N: A lot of those low fee/no fee projects have sacrificed decentralization to achieve that. So personally, I’d see Horizen ahead of them. Additionally, the privacy option is another thing that sets Horizen apart from my point of view

Many new users enter crypto. Therefore, education is always important for all blockchain projects! So how do you attract and educate people or new users/customers/investors to understand and use bitcoin .com exchanges, do you have any guides or tutorial videos for me to learn

N: You’re absolutely correct about that. We’re trying to post a lot of educational content on our blog and we’re planning to also restructure our website to include a guide that really takes traders from 0 to understanding DeFi and things such as yield farming, NFTs.

Our current content can be found here. But we’ll definitely step things up even more in the future. And we’re also very open in our Telegram group, and on Twitter so if anyone had a question and didn’t understand anything, they can always directly contact us

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If you would like more information about Exchange, please visit their website or read our partnership official announcement!

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