South Korean cryptocurrencies regulator found dead at home


A surprising news from Asia, especially from South Korea. A cryptocurrency regulator found dead at home on Sunday. A local police still investigating this case. There are many allegations which still uncertain about his death.

Local police presumed, Jung Ki-joon, head of economic policy coordination at the Office for Government Policy Coordination, suffered a heart attack while sleeping. But it seems, local police can’t found any evidence yet.

Ki-joon has a big duty to regulated cryptocurrencies assets in South Korea. That’s probably the main cause he becomes stressful.

Ki-joon main task is to helped South Korean government to manage speculation about cryptocurrecies assets. His other task is to coordinating some South Korean ministries and official government to discuss about economic problem.

Lately, there are many issues regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in South Korea which are made a big impact on global cryptocurrencies market.

On early January 2018, the South Korean government issued will ban cryptocurrencies. But as reported by cointelegraph, after massive protest to South Korean Ministry of Justice, cryptocurrency trading finally allowed by the Government.

Around 60,000 Korean peoples made a massive protest and criticized the Ministry of Justice premature statements. South Korean Ministry of Justice said that on 11 January planned to close cryptocurrencies trading in South Korea.

With this death case, it seems South Korean government will give special attention about cryptocurrency market growth. They will take carefully about this issues. If there are any bad news or fake issues, cyptocurrency market will affected globally, not only in South Korea.

We can find a fact about that. The market has been crashed on mid-January because of bad news from South Korea. We can’t underestimate Asian Market. China and South Korea are the big markets in cryptocurrency. These days, Asian people starting to go into cryptocurrency. This can be marked by many emerging crypto exchanges from Asia.

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