Single Address Staking Now Available For Secure Nodes!


We are excited to announce Single Address Staking for Horizen Secure Nodes. This new release extends usability for our Secure Node operators!

Last year we announced Single Address Staking (SAS) with Alternate Payout Addresses and the new Horizen Stake Verification Tool for Super Nodes. This feature is now available for Secure Nodes!

Single Address Staking allows stake amounts for multiple nodes to be ‘stacked’ in one ZEN address and the node rewards going to a different address. This greatly reduces the stake management required when running multiple nodes.

Benefits of Single Address Staking

  • Only one stake address is needed instead of one address per node
  • The destination address of payouts can be different than the stake address. This removes the need for batch withdrawal transactions from individual stake addresses
  • The payouts can be split across multiple addresses (up to 5) with varying percentages
  • Total transaction count can be reduced to improve wallet performance
  • The stake balance can be increased and new nodes assigned without having to create new addresses

To participate in Single Address Staking, a verified stake address must be set up using the Stake Verification Tool to prove ownership of your transparent stake address.

Learn more about ZenNodes
Learn about the stake verification process and how Single Address Staking works.

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