Opening the Horizen Ecosystem Through ZenIPs


Horizen Improvement Proposals or ZenIPs are a key element of transparent, collaborative, and stable governance.

This initiative enhances open-source collaboration with the Horizen community. 

What are Horizen Improvement Proposals or ZenIPs  

A ZenIP describes a new feature or process, explains the rationale behind the proposal, and elaborates on why certain design decisions were made. This enables the Horizen Community Council (HCC) and Zen Blockchain Foundation to work together to decide upon whether this change should be implemented in the Horizen ecosystem. 

How ZenIPs works

Each ZenIP starts with someone, referred to as an Owner, proposing an idea by specifying it according to the ZenIP process. The ZenIP Editors from the Zen Blockchain Foundation work together to help ZenIP Owner’s through the submission process to ensure their proposal is complete and provides the necessary information for them to make a decision to either approve or deny the proposal. Together, they review all ZenIPs and merge the proposals if all requirements are met. 

When the ZenIP has been publicly discussed and any objections to the proposal have been addressed, the Editors from the Zen Blockchain Foundation and the HCC need to approve the ZenIP with a supermajority in order for the proposal to move forward in the process. After the review and testing phases, a ZenIP becomes activated on the Horizen mainnet if it meets our quality standards and reaches consensus within the community.

About the First ZenIP

We are excited to announce that the first-ever ZenIP will be submitted soon! The proposal will be reviewed together with the Horizen Community Council (HCC).  The proposal details a potential modification to the Horizen Mainchain core consensus protocol to enable cross-chain transfers of ZEN, according to the model proposed in our whitepapers Sidechains: Decoupled Consensus Between Chains and Zendoo: a zk-SNARK Verifiable Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol Enabling Decoupled and Decentralized Sidechains.

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