New Release – Sphere By Horizen v1.2.0b has arrived!


We are excited to announce the latest update of Sphere by Horizen. This update enables you to easily manage the stake addresses of your nodes through our multi-functional app and increases the usability and functionality for our users!  

Sphere by Horizen’s latest release includes:

  • Batch withdraw – Used to withdraw funds from multiple addresses in a single transaction
  • Batch split – Used to deposit funds to multiple addresses in a single transaction
  • Added Private Key Balance Sweep to the application Tools menu – Enables the ability to sweep all funds from private keys / WIFs
  • Added the ability to view a wallet’s backup phrase in its settings window

Over time, we see Sphere as the one-stop-shop for most Horizen services. In order to achieve our vision and incorporate community feedback and requests, Horizen’s UX team has scheduled quarterly upgrades to make necessary improvements to the app.

Download the latest Sphere by Horizen

Due to significant improvements to data handling, users who took part in the version 1.0.1-beta or earlier are advised to create new accounts and restore their wallet seeds.


  • Node monitoring
  • Ledger integration
  • UI rework
  • And more!

Your suggestions and experiences are very important to us, so if you haven’t already, please let us know your thoughts on Sphere by Horizen and the improvements you’d like to see via Discord or Telegram. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest Horizen updates. 


Sphere by Horizen v1.2.0b download link

Sphere by Horizen User Manual

How to restore existing wallets

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