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We are proud to announce Horizen’s new tagline “Unbounded by Design”. Our new tagline reflects how our project evolved with the alpha release of our sidechains. 

The new tagline reflects our evolution from a privacy coin to a privacy platform. When Horizen was founded in 2017, our focus was primarily to provide everyone with privacy and control of their digital footprint through a ZK-Snarks based digital currency. Our new focus expands beyond just a digital currency and leverages our unique sidechain technology to build a large array of applications on top of our secure mainchain. Tens of thousands of developers and businesses can utilize our sidechain technology to build an infinite variety of applications – hence our tagline “unbounded by design.” 


“The tagline reflects the technology and where we are going as a project. We are still very privacy- centric, but the privacy technology is going beyond where we started as a project in the zero-knowledge space. Our contribution to the ecosystem is extending zero-knowledge technology into the application domain via the sidechain system. The tagline represents the evolution of the project from a privacy coin to a privacy platform that is unbounded by design.” -Rob Viglione (Co-Founder)



What This Means For Horizen

We are expanding our project. This shift allows us to better focus on the needs of our community. Since the beginning of our project, our aim has always been to put control of decisions in the hands of our community through the ZenDAO. If our project is unbounded by design, so is our community. Our sidechain and sidechain SDK allows us to build for a wider audience with the unlimited scalability and design potential provided to us with our new technology.

About Horizen Sidechains and Sidechain SDK

Horizen sidechains and sidechain SDK allows individuals and businesses alike to quickly and affordably spin up their own blockchain on top of the robust Horizen network. Our unique sidechain design enables secure and decentralized cross-chain transfers without requiring the mainchain nodes to verify the sidechain, thus allowing scalability.

Our sidechain SDK is scalable, secure, decentralized and completely unique. Developers are able to write their own applications using their preferred language. Using our SDK, developers will be able to quickly and easily customize blockchain components like consensus, block reward time, etc to their preferences in a way that is completely independent of the mainchain.

With such a powerful and unique design. It’s easy to see why this was the beginning of the further evolution of our project.

Learn more about our Sidechain and Sidechain SDK on our blog series


We are excited to move into the next phase of our project with our team and community stronger than ever! Thank you all for the feedback! Your suggestions and ideas help us move forward into the future.

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