Horizen Quarterly Update – 3Q 2019


At Horizen, we believe in transparency and value community involvement. Horizen broadcasts a quarterly live stream on Youtube and hosts weekly live team calls on Discord to keep the community update to date on project progression. As part of the live stream and weekly team call, the team also holds a live Q&A session.


Q3 Updates:

The Horizen delivered several major milestones and updates including Horizen Sidechains Alpha, the new ZEN faucet, and updates to Sphere by Horizen! The team is charging into Q4 with a strong foundation for our future as a project and the community has exploded in growth in response! 


Core Development:


Business Development:




Regional Updates:


  • Guan Yin attended multiple conferences and meetups where he taught people about Horizen and our sidechains!
  • Guan Yin hosted a webinar with Fox.One
  • Hosted a webinar for local miners and media community members
  • Community growth!


  • New partnership with Tec de Monterrey. Students attended a Horizen workshop to learn about our project, Horizen nodes, and our sidechains!
  • Angie attended and spoke at multiple conferences and meetups to teach people about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Horizen!

Central EU:

Eastern EU, RU, GE, and CIS: 

  • Vano spoke at and attended over 6 events including OKEx Talks, The Libra Effect, Blockchain UA, and more!


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