Horizen Partners with HackerOne To Offer Up To $10,000 For Reporting Vulnerabilities on Its Blockchain Deployment System Zendoo


The Zendoo bug bounty program with HackerOne aims to strengthen the security of the Horizen ecosystem as it prepares for its December 1st mainnet launch!

We are excited to announce that the previously private bug bounty program with HackerOne is now public! This means the wider Horizen and hacker communities can participate in the bug bounty program and get rewarded for contributing to enhancing the security of Zendoo!

At Horizen, we are building a next-generation crypto-ecosystem that will one day house billions of dollars in value across our various blockchain networks. Achieving this goal requires the most secure and robust infrastructure possible to support the millions of users and institutions that we aim to onboard into our ecosystem over the coming months and years.

The security of our protocol depends not only on our expert team of developers and cryptographers but also on the broader community of hackers who serve our industry by identifying vulnerabilities and preventing potential exploits on the largest blockchain networks.

This program aims to strengthen the security of the Horizen ecosystem, specifically our blockchain deployment system, Zendoo, while rewarding developers with up to $10,000 in bounties for reporting vulnerabilities. 

Tor Abrams, Account Manager at HackerOne

“No organization is immune to security vulnerabilities. The only solution is to find and fix them before they are exploited by cybercriminals. Ethical hackers can find vulnerabilities that automated scanners miss, by thinking creatively and identifying places where bugs could be ‘chained’ together to provide an exploit. This is something a scanner would not pick up. Horizen is leading the way in security best practice by inviting scrutiny from the ethical hacking community to help strengthen their organization.” – Tor Abrams, HackerOne Account Manager

HackerOne is a leader in the cybersecurity space, with over 250,000 vulnerabilities reported and 2,400 clients protected. We have chosen to partner with them to shore up our auditing process with the help of a distributed network of the world’s top ethical hackers.

Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of Horizen

We are pleased to partner with HackerOne and their team of highly experienced cybersecurity researchers and technicians. As a developer-first community, Horizen is deeply supportive of ethical hackers who are driven by the need to continually stress test systems and discover vulnerabilities that lead to more secure and better-performing technology solutions. We are excited for the chance to put Zendoo up to the test and to discover areas where we can improve.” – Rob Viglione, Horizen Co-Founder

The $10,000 reward speaks to our confidence in having built a truly fortified blockchain network. We’re issuing a friendly challenge to the best hackers in the industry to prove us wrong and be rewarded for your efforts in making our network even stronger!


If you’re looking to earn a significant bounty while putting your skills to the test against our highly decentralized blockchain deployment system, visit our bounty program on HackerOne today!

About Our Partnership

Our partnership with the biggest hacker-powered community,  HackerOne, enables us to run a bug bounty program for Zendoo. Because security and reliability are our top priorities, as the Horizen ecosystem grows with new features and products, we are reaching out to the wider hacker community to help ensure our network is as safe as possible. 

About Zendoo

Zendoo is a powerful blockchain deployment system with a zero-knowledge enabled cross-chain protocol and a suite of best-in-class developer tools. Zendoo is set to be activated on mainnet on December 1st,  2021. The Zendoo testnet is a production-like environment for developers to try and test Zendoo. Over the coming months, you can expect an exciting series of events such as hackathons,  new project launches, partnership announcements, and team growth. 

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