Horizen and Dash Team Up to Create the First-Ever Reward Marketing Blockchain


Rewarding marketing activity with DASH cryptocurrency will be both transparent and include data protection thanks to Horizen’s scalability protocol Zendoo with zero-knowledge proofs.


We are excited to announce our partnership with Dash, the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce, to create the industry’s first-ever “reward marketing amplifier blockchain application,” a tool that rewards users in $DASH for performing tasks aimed at growing real-world adoption of cryptocurrency. 

Through the partnership, we will work with Horizen Labs and Dash to build a blockchain on the Horizen platform that will motivate activities that drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency payment and Dash ecosystem growth, and allow users to earn rewards for their efforts. In turn, this will help enhance Dash’s activities in the digital payments race.

The unique reward marketing solution is being built using our scalability and sidechain protocol, Zendoo, and Dash’s technology payments as well as their expertise in community engagement. After successful implementation of the proof of concept, Horizen Labs and Dash will collaborate to improve and expand the reward marketing solution to include new functionalities and incentive models that extend the solution to mainstream social media platforms and real-world use cases, e.g. to promote and incentivize Dash merchant adoption and real-world activities such as the Dash Direct project.

Ultimately, Horizen Labs and Dash Core Group (DCG) will expand the reward marketing solution to develop a completely decentralized system with privacy-preserving features using zero-knowledge proofs and automated rewards distribution. The plan is to open the system up for anyone to develop their own reward marketing programs.

“The participation of Dash enthusiasts is integral to the growth and adoption of DASH as a payments cryptocurrency,” said Dash Core Group Head of Business Development, Ernesto Contreras. “The crypto industry rarely sees innovative incentive models targeting crypto usability, and we’re excited for the Dash community to be rewarded in $DASH for their effort to promote the real-world adoption of cryptocurrency.”



“This partnership with Dash couldn’t come at a better time. Zendoo is being utilized in a number of novel ways to launch an application-specific blockchain,” said Rob Viglione, co-founder of Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs. “The ultimate goal in this case is to develop a fully decentralized, data protection solution using zero-knowledge proofs that anyone can use to build their own independent reward marketing programs.”

Development of the multi-chain has started, and deployment on testnet will commence in early Q4 2021.

For more information about the Dash marketing blockchain and other partnership announcements, please visit us on Twitter, Discord, or Facebook.

About Horizen

Launched in 2017, Horizen is the most secure blockchain ecosystem supported by the largest and most decentralized multi-tiered node infrastructure in the industry. With its unique scalability and sidechain protocol, Zendoo, Horizen provides all necessary components for an easy and speedy deployment of fully customizable blockchains focused on scalability, flexibility and data privacy. For more information, visit https://horizen.io

About Horizen Labs

Founded in 2019, Horizen Labs provides the most efficient and cost-effective ways to create blockchain solutions for real-world usage while ensuring information integrity and data privacy, without compromising both scalability or security. Horizen Labs’ proprietary blockchain deployment tools allow users to create blockchain solutions leveraging Horizen’s robust and secure public blockchain platform with enhanced privacy features, low transaction fees, and configurable revenue models. For more information, visit horizenlabs.io 

About Dash

Dash is digital cash designed to offer financial freedom to everyone. Dash allows millions of individuals across the globe to carry out instantly re-spendable and secure transactions, with near-zero fees. Built to support real-life use cases, Dash is the leading decentralized payment solution: it is accepted directly at over 159,900 merchants globally, accessible via 700+ ATMs and 90+ exchanges worldwide. Dash has pioneered groundbreaking features including: two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized project governance (Masternodes), instantly settled payments (InstantSend), instantly immutable blockchain (ChainLocks) and more. The Dash Network’s development is supported by Dash Core Group, the largest organization funded by the Dash Treasury, which supports and nurtures the continued worldwide development and integration of Dash. For more information, visit https://www.dash.org/ or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.

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