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Nowadays, financial and technology sectors are two things that can’t be separated. Both sectors are complementary. The world is moving more rapidly, as do the world of technology and finance. These days, more people want to do a fast transaction. Then, technology provides that needs. A lot of new financial apps is coming to serve the financial transaction. Only with our mobile phone, nowadays we can send and receive money within less than a minute. That’s the magic of financial technology.

The growth of technology brings a lot of benefits for many sectors, especially in financial industries. We can imagine, because of technology now we can solve many problems in the financial sector.

Timeline of Financial Technology

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We can take a look at the picture above, that image can tell us that only within 2 years (2011-2013) the growth of financial application was growing rapidly.  More people want faster and safest transaction, and that need is possible to be realized with the current technology.

The growing technology has been proven to hit many sectors, especially for those who do not innovate to follow the development. In the financial services sector such as banking, the shift from generation X to generation Y (millennial) even generation Z becomes a challenge to be faced.

Now there are two generations that need a different approach, namely (generation X), and the younger generation Millenial (Y). The former generation was accustomed to the conventional ways of banks, while their generation did not even hold a saving book because they were used to e-money.

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From that picture above, we can see that there is a big swift from centralizing system to decentralize system. The decentralized system can be managed by Blockchain technology.

Blockchain has great potential for the future of financial services industry around the world. The blockchain technology can provide an efficient and secure transaction.

As an absolute record of ownership, it could create greater efficiency and transparency in position-keeping and reconciliation. As we gain more experience with the technology, we have several areas where we are creating working proofs of concepts.

Introduction of Forty Seven Bank


So, at this moment, we can proudly present about new ICO project that can give a huge benefit to the financial sector, it called Forty Seven Bank. As we have discussed above, that technological shift has taken place.

The centralized system is an old technology that sometimes can crash the entire system. A centralized system is vulnerable. There are a lot of risks that sometime hacker can enter the main server and starting to leak an important information.

That problem can be solved with the new technology which called Blockchain. It’s a decentralized system with a lot of securities function.

A lot of financial organization including IMF (International Monetary Fund) began to consider this Blockchain technology. I am sure that in the next a few years, Blockchain technology will be massively implemented in many financial and banking applications.

As we all know, International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a big financial organization. Their advice and policy can bring big impact to the world financial conditions. So, if IMF finally can accept Blockchain technology for all financial application, that will be a good news for Blockchain enthusiasts, including Forty Seven Bank team.

Based on that cases, the team members of Forty Seven Bank see great potential opportunities. With the Blockchain technology, Forty-Seven Bank can provide a great value in the financial sector.

Forty-Seven Bank is not like a common bank. Forty Seven Bank only serve specifically digital transactions, including FIAT and Cryptocurrency. Forty-seven bank also has a unique feature. A user can have multiple assets account to store their digital assets.

Basically, it will allow customers to have access to all their accounts in different banks and crypto wallets. Well, this feature honestly is a great idea for us.

Not only that, another feature that will they introduce is a new system which called Cryptobond. With using Cryptobond, a user can trade their assets in any various exchange.

The Current Problem in Cryptocurrency

I’ve been in Cryptocurrency almost 2 years. I’ve seen a lot of problems these days that difficult to find the solutions. Here are some problem lists that already found.

  • Crypto market mostly unregulated – This brings new problem for crypto users. Sometimes we want a legitimate investment in Cryptocurrency, but until now, it’s still lack of confidence that government will regulate the Crypto market.
  • Too much scam activity – This is an issue that Crypto user still can’t avoid. I heard every day a new user getting scammed by professional.
  • Lack of official intermediaries between the Bank and Crypto platform – This issue is the main thing that will be solved by Forty-seven Bank. Forty-seven Bank provides high quality, secure and user-friendly banking services for individual and institutional consumers, which will be fully recognized by the financial authorities and compliant with the regulatory framework.

Forty-Seven Bank Product and Service


Forty-Seven understand what is the main problem in Crypto world these days. Therefore, the team provides many interesting solutions and ideas to overcome these problems. Forty-seven banks aim to provide traditional and numerous digital financial products spectrum services for individual customers.

In general, Forty-Seven have 4 main products. Those are:

  1. Product for Private Persons
  2. Product for Business
  3. Product for Developers
  4. Product for Traders

All of those products have specific features that can solve the main problem in Cryptocurrency these days. In this section below, we will tell more detail about those products.

Product for Private Persons


The picture above presents the various products and services that Forty Seven Bank will work on for private personal products. In general, Forty-Seven have 4 main products in this private person criteria. Those are:

  1. Account Management – Users can have a secure access to all his Crypto assets wallet, traditional assets, and credit or debit cards. With this account management feature, users can reduce their fees of a transaction in Forty Seven Bank.
  2. Deposits and Loans – The Forty-Seven Bank will provide deposits and loans in traditional fiat currencies.
  3. Investments and Brokerage – The Forty-Seven Bank will also provide an investment and brokerage feature in the system. This feature can be connected with others partners via Forty Seven API platform.
  4. Invoicing – Forty Seven Bank also helps users who have several small businesses. Such individuals might be programmers, e-commerce businessman, contractors, translators, etc. The bank will provide user-friendly and simple invoicing services for such customers.

Product for Business


The picture above presents the various products and services that Forty Seven Bank will work on for business products. Forty-Seven have 6 main products in this business product criteria. Those are:

  1. App Platform and API Management – All the services will be available via API for management via smart contracts or customer applications.
  2. Payment Processing and Invoicing – Forty-Seven Bank will provide a secure protocol for payment processing solutions to our business clients. The payment processing including both FIAT and Cryptocurrency.
  3. Financing and Factoring – The Forty-Seven Bank will offer factoring solutions that will allow receiving immediate cash for accounts receivables. The Forty-Seven Bank will finance, manage and guarantee invoices issued by the company via smart contracts.
  4. White Label Processing – Forty Seven Bank also will provide processing of Point-of-Sale (POS) and infrastructure services for financial institutions.
  5. Biometric POS terminals – Forty Seven Bank will develop POS terminal software, which will give users of our bank a possibility to connect a credit card or a bank account to a human fingerprint.
  6. ICO Services – These days, a lot of ICO don’t have any good regulation backers. Forty-Seven Bank can provide that problems. The services will include legal support, escrow arrangements, support for transferring digital currencies into fiat equivalent.

Product for Developers

47-devThe picture above presents the various products and services that Forty Seven Bank will work on for developers products. Forty-Seven have 7 main products in this business product criteria. Those are:

  1. Bank as a Service (BaaS) – Our service called Bank as a Service will allow entrepreneurs to get access to all infrastructure elements of Forty Seven Bank via API.
  2. Forty-Seven App Platform – Developers will be able to create their own banking application, a bot for account management or complex analytical application.
  3. Loyalty Services – Forty-Seven will support loyalty programs of developers by providing possibilities of cash-back to cards of their customers or any other marketing ideas that might be of customer interests.
  4. Developer Meet-ups – Forty-Seven Bank is going to organize developer meetings in Europe, Asia, and CIS where we will explain how to operate with our platform in order to realize your dreams.
  5. Scoring, KYC, and Compliance Services – Forty-Seven Bank will have complex software tools with integrated machine learning that will be used in scoring and KYC procedures.
  6. Data Analytics and Prediction Models – Forty-Seven Bank will provide data analytics techniques powered by machine learning technology. Developers with important useful information that can be later used in decisions making process.
  7. Consulting Services – Forty-Seven Bank is going to have a consulting department that will share our knowledge and experience, as well as will help our partners to reach their goals more quickly.

Product for Traders

The picture above presents the various products and services that Forty Seven Bank will work on for traders products. Forty-Seven have 10 main products in this business product criteria. Those are:

    1. Account Management – Our Trading Account Management system will allow our customers to manage their trading account and access common feature.
    2. Access to App Platform – Forty-Seven Bank will provide customers with access to our state of the art trading platform to offer them a cost-efficient opportunity to trade.
    3. Access to Forty-Seven Bank Exchange – We will provide foreign exchange services to our customers including bank-to-bank transfers and foreign exchange dealing for international corporations.
    4. Access to Exchanges – This feature will provide our clients greater control over their trades and the opportunity to place orders directly on the market.
    5. Analytics – We will offer our clients a trading analytics feature with
      market insights for an effective decision-making process.
    6. Derivatives – We will be offering both traditional and innovative derivatives products in fiat and non-fiat currencies.
    7. Hedging – We will implement machine learning driven trading algorithms and hedging services to our customers.
    8. Smart Support – Our trading services will be complemented by smart support not only given by our trading platforms intuitive functions but by a dedicated call service.
    9. Cryptobonds – The idea is to offer an instrument by which companies can raise crypto capital and investor can speculate with the yield of these instruments.
    10. Cryptofutures – Forty-Seven Bank as it provides with serious competitive advantage and promotes future contracts linked to the .future production of digital currencies from miners.

How does Forty Seven Bank work?

The team behind this ICO project seems to understand the current technology and they know the possibility of the next great technology. Forty Seven Bank using several mechanisms to provide the needs of users.

Forty-Seven Bank is going to use blockchain, smart contract, API, biometrics and machine learning technologies in internal procedures, products, and services.

Cryptocurrency wallets


Forty-Seven will provide a secure Cryptocurrency wallet which can connect to multiple Blockchain types. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency payment system


Forty-Seven Bank can perform chargebacks for cryptocurrency transactions in case of duplicated billing, fraud or technical issue on the merchant. Our payment system will be safe and secure for both buyers and merchants.

Using secure smart contract


The smart contracts will be legally bound to all involved counterparties. The rules of these smart contracts can instruct the bank to transfer the fiat or crypto funds from the account of one customer to the account of another customer.

Machine learning

Benefits of this method, as noted by A. Dal Pozzolo are the amount of information machine learning models can process – they can look at high dimensional variable spaces and extract most useful information.



Initial Coin Offering

Forty Seven Bank using ICO to collecting funding from investors and supporters. With ICO, the team believe will attract more people with the same idea and passion.

Forty Seven Bank provides only non-financial benefits to our contributors and future holders of FSBT tokens.

FSBT is an Ethereum-based token that follows the ERC-208 standard. ERC-20 standard (EIP:20 from September 11, 2017), the code of which is open sourced at Github guarantees that Ethereum-based tokens will operate in crypto token ecosystem in the future in a predictable way.


  • Abbreviation: FSBT.
  • Control over emission: is provided by the system of interconnected smart contracts.
  • Actual rate: 1 FSBT = 0.00428 ETH (including current bonus).
  • Maximum amount of tokens to be generated: 11 063 829 FSBT (incl. bonus tokens, tokens for bounty and founders).
  • Softcap: 3 600 ETH.
  • Hardcap: 36 000 ETH.
  • Accepted currencies on ICO: ETH, BTC.
  • ICO: now – 31.03.2018.

Bonus structure

  1. ICO Round 1: 30% bonus;
  2. ICO Round 2: 20% bonus;
  3. ICO Round 3: 0% bonus but bonus for quantity;

Token distribution


Executive team

Advisory board


Contacts and community channels

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