Extending Project Transparency – Horizen Public Team Calls


Transparency is one of Horizen’s core values, to us this means both internally and externally. Each week we have calls where the entire team comes together to give each other updates from their team.

These calls have been the source of many wonderful ideas, collaborations among teams, and more. We believe that it will benefit the project greatly if we open up these calls to the community.  So, we asked you all for your thoughts. 

We recently held a community poll about opening team calls to the public. We received an overwhelmingly positive response, over 400 votes were received and nearly everyone voted yes to opening these calls. So, we are excited to announce our decision to open our team calls to the community!

The increased involvement from the community provided through these calls will open direct channels of communication between our community and the entire Horizen team, meaning more opportunities for you to provide feedback to us enabling us to better serve you, our community.  

About Open Team Calls

When are the calls?

Calls will be every Thursday at 4:30PM UTC/12:30PM EST. Each call typically lasts approximately 30 mins. You can join as often or as little as you would like.

Where are the calls held?

Calls are held on the Horizen Discord channel. There will be a designated channel for the call, however, we don’t have a name for the channel yet. You can vote for it NOW

What these calls are about?

You can hear weekly team updates from the following divisions:

  • Engineering 
  • Node network
  • Product/UX
  • Customer service/Helpdesk
  • Legal
  • Business development 
  • Marketing
  • CEO closing thoughts

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes! We will reserve 5 mins for questions from our listeners at the end of each call.

The first call is this Thursday (8/15), please make sure that you join our Discord channel for those calls!

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