Coinvest – The world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies


Every human being has different desires for their financial needs. The amount of their financial need will affect the period of preparation. Financial planning is the critical factor in this matter. If we can’t prepare our financial planning correctly, we can’t see our future clearly.

For example, If you are a professional worker, then you might think about your pension plan. You can’t always depend on your company salary. Starting to search a great Investment is a good stepping stone.

Choosing Alternative Assets as an Investment

As Vitalik Butterin said, traditional assets are still your safest bet. But we as a technology enthusiast especially in Blockchain technology would like a new thing in every aspect. We all may agree that cryptocurrency is our new alternative assets, although we all know that cryptocurrency is a volatile asset.

Nowadays, choosing a cryptocurrencies assets is not easy. There are many problem and cases which can make you more stressful.

In Cryptoworld, you can face many scam assets and price fluctuation. So, that’s why we have to prepare our self with a good mentality and great tools. One of those tools is Coinvest.

Coinvest is an investment trading market tools for cryptocurrencies assets. With Coinvest, all complex issues within Crypto world are expected to be solved.

Common problems within cryptocurrency investment platform


Let’s we take a look picture above. From that picture, we can see a lot of issues within the crypto world. Most of the issue looks like will be solved by Coinvest platform. I want to take some of example from those issues.

  • NO KYC/AML.This is a good feature that only decentralizes apps can do. These days, a lot of exchange break the main principle of crypto, which is crypto should be anonymous. Lately, Bittrex exchanges force the members to do KYC before trade on their platform.
  • Decentralized. With Dex, all centralized issues would be solved. With Dex, we can do our trade or investment activity without borders.
  • No third party. With this feature, we can minimize fees. On Dex platform, especially Coinvest, we can do that by removing third parties. On a centralized platform, the fees are too high due to third parties take too much part.

Investing in cryptocurrency is getting harder these days. Every week or maybe every day we can see new coins was born on Coinmarketcap site. Different coins sometimes required a different wallet. Using Coinvest, we can make it simple to follow up our crypto assets.

How does Coinvest work?

Well, basically Coinvest provide users to trade and withdraw investments directly using their smart contract. Coinvest running on top of Ethereum platform for their smart contract which is a good option.

Ethereum platform is the most widely used for ICO project. It’s robust, fast and secure. So, there is no doubt that Coinvest will run smoothly using the Ethereum platform.


With Coinvest, a user can make their own portfolio and also can directly doing a trade (Buy/Sell). There are more features within Coinvest platform which can beneficiary for users such as:

  • Trading rewards
  • Trading profits
  • Index Fund Management (Copy trading)
  • Coin Value Appreciation

All activity within Coinvest platform executed by a smart contract which can make this platform reliable. The common problem for new dApps like Coinvest is, there is a chance that the platform will be congested because many users using it for the first time. But fortunately, Coinvest using Ethereum platform which is very though platform.

Token Sale and Token Details


Coinvest’s token sale will be held on March 9, 2018. If you interested about this project, you can join their sale here:

For token distribution details, Coinvest tokens will be divided like this below:

  • 5% – Private Whitelist Reserve (and bonus)
  • 44% – Crowdsale Reserve (and bonus)
  • 25% – COIN Reserve (held in Smart Contract)
  • 10% – Ecosystem Development and Partnerships
  • 16% – Employee and Advisor Option Pool
  • 50% – Coinvest Secondary Reserve
  • 30% – Development
  • 10% – Marketing
  • 10% – Operations, Administrative and Legal.

Crowdsale Purchase Details:

  • Private Whitelist: 1250 COIN = 700 USD
  • March Crowdsale = 1100 COIN = 700 USD
  • Market = TBD (Exchanges plan = April)

Coinvest Team

This is also the core values of Coinvest. They have a great team with high quality background. Most of Coinvest team consist of technology alumni such as from Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM.

coinvest-ico-team-projectIf you interested about this project, Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any further questions on these links below: