Blockmason now listed on Bittrex exchange


Finally, after a long wait, Blockmason listed on Bittrex exchange today. As seen on their twitter, Blockmason team looks very happy about this news. Bittrex exchange also confirmed that information via their twitter.

That’s was a good news for the community. Currently, Blockmason already registered on big exchanges including Binance and HITBTC.

On Binance, you can trade Blackmason paired with BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum). Just like on Binance, on HITBTC exchange you can trade also only with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If we take a look on coinmarketcap, Blockmason have a big trade volume on Binance exchange, pairing with BTC. Second order is occupied by Bittrex exchange pairing with also BTC.

That is an interesting fact. Why? Because Bittrex listed Blockmason on 22th February 2018. In just a weeks, Blockmason volume in Bittrex has reached 19%.  Beat UPBIT which eventually ranks third with 18% volume. It proves that Bittrex exchange can’t be underestimated.

Blockmason price chart via Coingecko

As seen in the picture above, current all-time high of Blockmason price was $1.92, almost reached $2. The price goes back up on 28 Ferbruary. It could be because of Blockmason announcement regarding their Airdrop event on Binance.

Blockmason also registered on another exchange like Kucoin and Cryptopia. It seems, Blockmason has a lof of a budget for listed on big exchanges. So that might be a chance for Blockmason will be planned to get listed on another exchange.