Bitgesell, The community-driven Coin


We all know that many Crypto projects are founded by the community. Without a solid community, a Crypto project will not run well and correctly. Not only the community, but the role of the development team is also very important. Because not a few crypto projects have become scams because of irresponsible developers. They run away and leave their Crypto project.

In this article, I want to talk about a very interesting Coin, Bitgesell. For those of you who still don’t know about Bitgesell, this coin is a BTC-derived coin but with some enhanced features.


  1. It is: -100% SegWit implemented
  2. 10x smaller block weight
  3. Halving each year, so 4x faster in scarcity than BTC
  4. Uses a more efficient Keccak hashing algorithm
  5. Burns 90% of transaction fees -It aims to be faster, more efficient.

Even more interesting, Bitgesell has been audited by Certik Security. This is an important point that Bitgesell has.

How to Invest Bitgesell

As a crypto investor, you have to analyze several important points. Every investor will first see the statistics on Coinmarketcap there. The good news is that we can see Bitgesell on the Coinmarketcap site. You can see it here:

Download the Wallet app

After that, we will look for some safe wallets. Bitgesell provides a large selection of wallets based on your operating system. Even Bitgesell also provides a wallet that can be accessed through the website (Web-based wallet).

Trade on Exchange

We all know that one of the ways to get crypto is to buy it on some crypto exchange sites. I see Bitgesell is already listed on two crypto exchange sites such as Crex24 and Hotbit. You can trade on the site, of course with good calculations and analysis. Since we all know that the crypto market is very volatile, so invest wisely. If you have made many transactions, you can view your transactions in Bitgesell explorer at the following link:

Mining using GPU

There is another way besides buying on a crypto exchange site which is to mine Bitgesell coins using GPU. If you are interested in getting Bitgesell by mining, you can download the following software:

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